Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roadmap to success

I found in this class that going thru with my open mind viewing everything in a negative way and a positive way take my time takes my stride live my life. I have to see things from all ways and everyway. I have to be critical and relaxed I have much ammunition to use against many of the problems that lay before me. I need to idealize divide and devise any means necessary to obliterate any of the obstacles in my path I need to meld with my other problems.
I have to use perfection less and spontaneity more often. And if nothing else works hit it with a baseball bat, till candy comes out then eat the candy… or just eat the piñata.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

the glory of education

Who I am, and what needs to be changed

Alexander Michael James Simpson-Laing
I am a male Caucasian. 29 years of age, I have a family my wife and two daughters. I have been to 4 universities and no degrees (other than equivalent of a general education) I have tried fine arts and media arts, Have not found my niche yet. I’m aspiring to be a 3D game designer and concept artist hopefully one day an art director to a gaming company.
Strengths: art of most forms, and seeing outside the box as well as the big picture, strong ethical background involving family and friends.
Weakness: I have a serious problem with procrastination and not being in control of my environment.
I have been to 4 “schools of learning” art institute of Washington. J. Sargent Rendolds Community College. The Community College of Salt Lake city, And Ivy Tech of Indiana. I am trying to obtain a degree without the use of insane logics of requiring to take certain classes for others. I have been baffled out of many a system and have been screwed by the educational board for a long time 2 of them due to my citizenship I am a native of Great Britain. I have learned a great deal in the world on getting what I need and getting what I want, if these schools have taught me anything is that money talks and screw the common man. The only way to survive is either become like them, or systematically corrupt those around you into believe you are like them. There or course is the older rules of the game such as I brown nosing or manipulating your way to the top. My preferred tactic is the latter of the two. I came to this school for two reasons. One I wanted a wholesome education with enough of knowledge to survive in the world of insanity. And two, I wanted to save a wee bit of money in the doing so.
two problems with my two requests one I have no freedom of choice in this school other than what you guys deem I need for a job that doesn’t even exist yet. And two your requirements on the same classes in which I can tell you are absurd. I find it most entertaining at my own moneys be hath that you of the board seem to have this obsession with thinking you know what is required for the future of an entertainment company when you yourselves are not in the entertainment field. Would you go to a teacher to have your teeth pulled? Or would you have a blind man pour you hot coffee? I don’t think so do me a favor and FREE UP THE CERICULEM! This insanity has got to stop and also if you have a list of classes such as a b and c then don’t have them taught like this b, c and a setting someone’s week with the list of classes all on a Tuesday and having none other classes the student can take on ANY other day is absurd I know you want your money but please at least a store clerk gives me what I want when I want a toaster I get a toaster not a bloody microwave! I suppose a different system one that acutely makes sense or is that not in the budget? When you have all your classes taught at the same time who can take the other classes? I’m not sure how you can fix this but I know if I had a plan for something that doesn’t exist yet I would teach it the same way it needs to be learned OUT OF THE BOX and not like every other math major, phycology major and diplomat, these have had their teaching systems that work but if you think that a NEW MEDIA job would require the same general education as a doctor you my dear friends of the board are sadly mistaken. In order to be the fastest moving company to produce the best brains for the entertainment industry one must behave as thou they know what they’re doing and not just draw some bloody lines together and call it “Education”. I love many of the teachers in this system all the way from Beth and Powers, Albert, Clint and properly a lot of teachers I haven’t had the pleasure yet. But honestly how can they teach us what we need to know if you the boys above refuse to let them teach us what we need? So many times I have witnessed a teacher so offend or even pissed off because of the “changes” that are made. I know changes need to be made BUT QUIT HAVING STUPID MEETINGS ABOUT WHAT THE BLOODY NAME CHANGING WHEN THE EXUCATION IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!!
when I think of a school I think of a cool inviroment low stress more plants in the building a more graceful aspect to a young learners, and maybe even an entertaining area. You cant fit all the media students in MARLA in order for them to become relaxed and also there would be the 5 feet of personal space I don’t like taking my classes almost sitting in someone else’s lap. There would be more colours then beige and grey (surprise surprise) and maybe a small café for people to enjoy one another’s company a wide area to run and socialize the ability to learn outside (thou I’m an indoor person) and the choices… yes choices let’s talk about choices I like choices I would allow the student CHOICES wow LETS REALLY BREAK THAT DOWN SHALL WE?
C. Chosen
H. Home
O. Opportunities
I. Involvement
C. Curriculums
E. Entertainment and Education
S. for all Students

As you can see by the above statement we don’t even come close to being able to break down that wording. Instead we have the opposite of this. Which is no choices we can barely choose the classes we take, it doesn’t feel like a home away from home, it doesn’t feel like we have opportunities and the curriculum is broken, I am partly entertained between all the stresses we deal with. And the education is a joke while it changes every 2 seconds to something that sucks up our money. No same student has the same life in the college environment. Or can share anything other than being serious screwed other than by the amount of money paid out to a half ass education that we get. If I wanted to throw my money into nothingness I WOULD HAVE INVESTED IN THE DAMMED STOCKMARKET!
all I want is what I pay for and since I pay a huge amount of money I want my education to be huge and I hate being treated like a 2 byte child this is college I am spending good money on a dammed good education I want what I pay for!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

how the fear felt

well that went well... i thought it would play out better then what it did i was supirised that not that many people wanted to face my interpritation of there fear and deface it. i liked what beth did but at the same time it still felt like a knife going into my side and the 2nd piece of work that was a suprise ... boy was it ever... well after a little sadness i realized that that piece i could do better and that it was the same piece of crap i keep drawing i have to find a new nitche in my drawing ill do it better and bettter and better reguardless on what other poeple think this is my work and im proud of its quality in what i create. i wont be upset with what other people do to it in the words of our forfathers FUCK ALL OF YOU im fantastic and ill learn from my mistakes and there aint shit you can do to stop me STREEKING!!!!! /runs into the night.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

fear factor REAL LIFE!!!

First I want to say if anyone’s scared of getting sick it’s a dammed good thing I didn’t come into school LMAO!!!
Ok what I plan on seeing in all of you is not so much a fear of OMG WHERE ALL GOING TO DIE! But more of a fear of what can be and not what will be my experiment must be conducted near the end of everyone else’s experiment. It’s a form of compellation of everyone’s fear (if it can be used in my display). I feel this might be sort of an eye opener or maybe just an observation of wow that’s pretty cool or my least favorite WTF is he doing 0.o. but it’s also a discovery of fear for myself which I will tell you as I’m doing what I’m doing no I won’t need someone’s help but I will need everyone to be honest with their fears so this will work (or at least hope it will work). See you guys in class and I’m past the time period to make any of you sick so no worries on that being my experiment… or is it… WAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bliss... or fist that is the question?

Bliss was impossible to obtain during 3 hrs. of Absolut hell. Firstly when you sit down and say I’m going to do what I want to do you have to put your family first cuz we never get even 5 minutes to spend with the family let alone the whole bullshit of work and trying to squeeze anything in. so I finally found 3 hrs. that I could do it at 2am to 5am … yeah you guessed it bliss to me was sleeping or at least trying to stay awake to enjoy my bliss. Trash has to be taken out, have to go to the store to get food, have to feed the animals, have to do cat litter, have to cut the lawn, have to pay bills, have to have sex with a fucking grapefruit. No the last one didn’t happen but it sure as hell feels like it when the rest of the world wont let you relax or best of all me to relax I finally just sat down and played a little diablo III and low and behold the phone goes off at 3 fucking AM!!! No I’m not doing this assignment ever again I will take the bliss as it comes … 6 months apart at a time…

                now as for what I would want to do more than anything if it was or not possible would be to take my fantasy world the one that I have created the one I have nursed and had everything in the making and make it real that everyone would live in it and that I could do anything and everything that I ever wanted to do I could cast spells I could sword fight blacksmith. Fight space pirates and eat mac n cheese and get super powers I want all of this and a bag o chips. To govern over one’s ability and ones skill one’s life that is true freedom and that is what I would want would all of you suffer in my fantasy world no cuz you would all have your own so this is only my fantasy for me I would cease to exist and be promptly sent to mine where I can have 24/7/365 days in the year TO DO WHAT THE FUCK I WANTED WHEN I WANTED AND WITH WHO I WANTED TRASH BE DAMMED IT CAN TAKE ITSELF OUT BOOM!!!
Also on a side note I loved spending some little time with my family which made me feel at peace if not blissful.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


so i looked into my fridged and thought like a kid. MY DAMMED FRUIT AND VEDGE ARE CONSPIRING TO ATTACK ME but only when the lights out. i sat there for 20 minutes trying to catch them but there too dammed smart for me ill catch them one day and when i do oh when i do... ill eat them EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!... i also imagined that my fingers where a real person and ran them across the verious horizons in the house and outside. i also during a confersation with my naghbor just cut her in mid sentence and said oh my god look at that and picked up a huge rock and said did you see that... she replyed see what. and i said there was this huge centerpeed like 14 inches long just ran under this rock and she freeked out which was amusting cuz she called the exterminator and hes out there right now :D. my riagn of chaos knows no bounds and the reason for my shitty spelling and no punctuation is cuz i dont give an arse about it im writing free like i did as a child if you cant read this or its annoying BITE ME XD man that felt good :D. AARDVARKS BE LIBERATED ALL YEY WHOME HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE MAGNIFICENT AND MAJESTIC PANGOLIN BE EATTEN BY THERE OWN SHOES no really check this out aint they cute :D
clicky!!! or 500,000 kittens will mix breed with them and you will have ARMORD KITTY or the new games which will be coming out soon METAL PUSSY SOLID!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what i did in class is...

What I remember in class is, the sun and the trees also the dude sitting behind us listening in the whole class I don’t think he paid for this class but he got a freebie, now I know how to gets some free edgimications. But I remember the cars the beeping horns ironically I got distracted and started to think of a Moby song that sounded just like our environment all we needed was a soft summer rain with it and crap I would have whipped out a camera and filled the music video. The stone walls around that … weird gazebo of parklyness.  And the fact that the roof was wall wooded paneling… how… why… I won’t ask.
I also liked the rubber egg that was brought in something inside me said eat it, it smelt vinegary, and reminded me of fish and chips. And that just made me more hungry. thank god I had to give it to the next guy next to me or I would have eaten it. Hmmm fish and chips I gotta get me some that sounds so good. Then we got up and left class. It was after realized that I missed a lot of what we were talking about due to me thinking of fish and chips so I believe the moral of this story is don’t go to class on an empty stomach. But I do remember that we don’t use our senses as much as we should. Also Cabanas wizard trick was odd I understood the meaning but felt that the egg should have had a bee in it just to freak everyone out. I loved the poster it hurt my eyes I thought that was pretty cool. Oh and as for other places to take this class we should go to a noodle place and get drunk eating Sake noodles XD. These are my thoughts about class (I have problems).